Zombie Disease: Are You Afflicted?

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Many people are walking around like zombies due to poor diet choices, lack of exercise and stress from various aspects of their lives. Are you wondering if you qualify as a zombie? Here, zombies are not like the walking dead depicted in the movies and other media. It involves people being depressed, numb,in a fog, lethargic and going through the motions. You might be clinically depressed or just dissatisfied with a certain part of your life. Imagine some of those anti-depressant commercials. Those folks are afflicted with the Zombie Disease. We have various clinical diagnoses for it, but at the end of the day, these folks are zombified. If you are not feeling alive and have a sense of purpose that you feel passionate about, you might be zombified. It is not natural to always be happy and feel passionate about work, family and relationships. However; people who are in a zombie state rarely feel those positive emotions. You probably already know if you are living the zombie life.

People with the Zombie Disease don’t eat brains like the movies. They overeat or under eat. They might use food as a drug to self medicate for feeling zombified. They might already be in a fog, like a trance, but not the kind of trance one seeks when undergoing hypnosis to feel good. It is a daze, a disconnection from oneself and others. These people might also use other substances and activities to self medicate to feel alive and de-zombify themselves, but those behaviors only work temporarily. Instead of creating a checklist and basically criterion for being labeled with the Zombie Disease, there are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if you are afflicted and to what extent.

Are you satisfied with your life? That is broad, so we will break it down. Are you satisfied with your social life, love life, family life, occupational life, health, weight, relationships in general, finances? There might be other areas of your life to consider. The areas where you aren’t satisfied, next ask yourself how it affects you? For instance, if stressed about finances, do you feel the stress physically, such as fatigue, insomnia, irritability, eat too much or eat unhealthy food and so on, and if so, do these symptoms interfere with other areas of our life? Does the stress inhibit you from making decisions or doing things you want to do? Does it lead to arguments with others and strain relationships? Some people feel crippled or unable to do anything while in a zombie like state.

You might have answered yes to many or all of the questions above. Don’t freak out. Yes you are likely afflicted by the Zombie Disease. Here is the good news, you can change this. Focus on one of the areas of your life that is causing you either the least stress, because you will conquer it quickly and gain confidence to move onto other areas. Or focus on the most distressing area. Once you learn to cope better and feel good about that part of your life, you will start to apply those skills in other areas. Basically, it will all fall into place.

So how do you overcome the Zombie Disease? For starters, you can read The Zombie Solution which helps you learn tools to address all areas of your life (coming soon). You might also need professional help with these issues, albeit a psychologist, business coach, spiritual counselor etc. There are many options. Choose what you think will work for you. Now is the time to de-zombify yourself and feel alive.

A gaming app was created, Eat This Zombies, and it addresses the dietary aspect of being zombified. Food can heal us or slowly kill us. Food also impacts our mood. Eating clean, Earthy food can decrease pain and inflammation and make us feel better emotionally. This game uses healthy- Earthy- food to bring zombies back to life. Not keeping unhealthy food from the zombies puts the players life at risk. Playing the game can be fun while allowing yourself to get used to making better food choices.


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