Soy:Why it is usually bad for us

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Soy, including soy protein isolate and various names containing the word ‘soy’ is another ingredient to be vigilant about. It is a cheap preservative like MSG. It increases estrogen. Many women have estrogen dominance, and soy will cause more problems. Also, men might not want increased estrogen, so check the label on your protein powder guys. It has been linked to hormonal problems such as infertility and miscarriages in women, and lowered libido in men. It has been linked to irritability, anxiety, insomnia, problems losing weight, and digestive problems. Feeding babies soy based formulas has been reported to be a great way to make your baby sick with various behavioral and health issues. Only eat organic soy beans or fermented soy, which is what Asians eat. Soy sauce usually contains MSG. To avoid feeling like a zombie, avoid anything containing the word soy, unless you really know your nutrition.

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