Only Eating Egg Whites? Here is What You are Missing.

Posted on April 11, 2014 | in Eat this | by



Ignore this if you are allergic to eggs, as this might make you sad. First of all, unless your physician has told you to avoid eggs due to an allergy, sensitivity or cholesterol issues, eat the entire egg. Egg whites alone do not count, and fake eggs, well, they are fake. The egg yolk is a power house when it comes to nutrients. Eggs are a great source of protein. They can reduce blood pressure. We need healthy amounts of cholesterol. Eggs can reduce the risk of cancer and developing eye problems. Eating eggs has been linked to weight loss. Eggs contain the following nutrients: Choline 26.5%-tryptophan 25%- selenium 22%-iodine 18%- vitamin B2 15.2%- protein 12.5%-molybdenum-11.3%-vitamin B12 9.1%-phosphorus 8.6%-vitamin B5 7%-vitamin D 6.6%. Notice all of the B vitamins, which stress severely depletes. Eggs aid cognitive functioning, reduce inflammation, and can prevent blood clots. There are probably many more benefits, but this is enough to know why eggs are considered a super-food. And eat the entire egg. Egg whites, really?

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