Below is an interview to help emphasize a major factor in not monetizing this app via ads. Having some toxic food or food company that treats food like lab rats simply won’t be tolerated.

Review from Indie Sniffer October 10, 2013:
I’ve been contacted by Dr. Laura Umfer about 2 days ago. Dr. Laura Umfer is a licensed psychologist with specialization in various areas. She provides consulting work for those needing help with health and wellness/weight loss, military and forensics. She sent me an email asking me to review an IOS game, and I can’t say no to that!

This is a different kind of game from what I usually play. It has a different audience, a different goal. It’s a game that has to be reviewed having those specific roles in mind and cannot be taken under comparison with other games I’ve reviewed here and I’ll explain why.

The target audience of Eat this Zombies are the kids. Kids that are learning what they can or cannot eat. Kids that should know what is good for them, and that is a very good goal, which I support. Having this in mind, I think the game is well executed.

The graphics are appealing to the kids with the cartoony zombies and characters, the gameplay is simple to get and rewards you for destroying the bad food and getting the good food. Even with the zombies this is ok for kids because you don’t kill the zombies, you save them. If you can prevent the zombies from receiving bad food, you can save them turning them back into humans, so there is a lesson to be learned here.

The game has several different stages, and different zombies. The good food gives you different power-ups, like healing, converting all the zombies on the screen, and more.

I recommend this game to all the fathers and mothers that have their little kids asking to play on their phones or iPads. It’s not a game for us, it’s a game for them.

I’ll leave you with a video of the game and a link to the book of Dr. Laura Umfer:

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